Arizona State University Online (one of the top online schools worldwide) turned to Edelman to give it's social media some fresh, well designed, informative, and fun content. With a worldwide audience and student body, they look to instill some school pride that's distinctly ASU, while staying relevant to a global audience. 
With the recent Starbucks partnership (Starbucks is paying for its employees' tuition to ASU Online), expect to see A LOT more Sun Devils out there.
Shareable social postcards allow ASU Online students to show their pride and celebrate their achievements with others.
Promoting programs with visual elements allows future and potential students a chance to see areas of study they may not have known existed. While their brick and mortar campus can rely on word-of-mouth and the buildings to inform students, online students must rely on outreach efforts to stay informed.
Online students tend to be "non-traditional" students - mothers, active-military, veterans, second-career starters, and advanced teenagers. Celebrating them with subtle ASU iconography, we looked to build pride and have a little fun.
2014 World Cup
This subtle nod to the recent Starbucks partnership adds an element of psychology, fun, and student life. Hidden iconographic elements: Pitchfork, horns, and the forked tail (references to Sparky the mascot of ASU).
Highlighting services available to students.
The best thing about online school is being able to go to the pool and be in class, at the same time.
ASU helps you find the words to improve your education.
Super subtle tail placed in the tassle
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